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Hello, Friends welcome to my website India Price BUZZ. This is my new website in which we provide the Latest Post of Related SEO, Backlinks, and More. We cover the Some business news, Gadgets Updates (Mobiles), and Price Comparison Etc.

On this website, we talk about Popular websites Reviews. This is a fresh topic that I cover on this website. All topic data collect with my own efforts using the internet .

About Me

My Name is Rakesh belong to India (Country ). My qualification is MBA (Management of Business Administration ) in Finance. I have 7-year work experience in accounting, business management, Administration department as well I doing digital marketing work in India.

I do my official job as an accountant but in this job, no satisfaction because every company owner can not be satisfied at any time whatever you do work hard.

Many people searching on the internet “how to make money online?”. There is a very big problem people always searching to earn money without doing any work or just shortcut. But this is always the wrong way. That is the reason I make a post related to make money using an easy way and surly something earn. Many business startups without any investment so we bring the list of that kind of business. This business really helps in making a bright future.

So that thinks I learn digital marketing since 2010 now I working in the digital marketing field.


In this we cover list of Topic in India Price BUZZ as below:-

  • Latest Business News
  • Launched Gadget Information, Reviews
  • Website Reviews
  • SEO Tips , Digital Marketing, and Updates
  • Make money Online Blog
  • Start new Business in India
  • Price Comparison like Hostinger Hosting Vs Goddady Hosting etc

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Mr.Rakesh (India Price BUZZ )

If you have any inquiries related to our post, website then contact me without any problem. My first website is Clicklink.in