Best treadmill in India under 30000 top 5 list (June 2021)

If you are searching for a good and affordable best treadmill in india under 30000 then you are on aright page.

I see you might be involved about you and your households’ well being. That’s an amazing factor. You need to know the way which is necessary to be fit to do all of the every day life work and be lively.

List of Top 5 best treadmill in India under 30000


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PowerMax Fitness TD-M1

PowerMax Fitness TD-M1 2HP (4HP Peak)



Cockatoo CTM-101

Cockatoo CTM-101 2.5 HP (5 HP Peak)



Cockatoo CTM-04 1.5 HP (2HP Peak)

Cockatoo CTM-04 1.5 HP (2HP Peak)



Fitkit FT100 Series (3.25HP Peak)

Fitkit FT100 Series (3.25HP Peak)



Cockatoo CTM-05 1.5 HP(2HP peak)

Cockatoo CTM-05 1.5 HP(2HP peak)


Now we will discuss about all those top best treadmills under 30000 one by one.

1. PowerMax Fitness TD-M1 2HP (4HP Peak)- Best treadmill in India under 30k

best treadmill in india

Key Specification

  • Plug & Run Treadmill – No Assembly Required
  • 2.0HP DC Motor
  • Max User Weight: 100KG
  • Manual Incline for intense workout
  • LCD Display – Time, Speed, Distance, Heart rate, Calories, Program
  • Speed: 1.0 -14km/hr
  • Connect Treadmill via Bluetooth with Android & iOS App
  • 12 Pre-set Programs for efficient workout & 3 Target based Modes
  • Running Surface (L x W) – 1210 X 410mm / 47.6 X 16.1 inch
  • Wheels for Easy Transportation
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty, 3-Year Motor Warranty, And 1-Year Parts And Labour Warranty

973 global ratings (4.2/5)


  • Motor performance is ok with less noise
  • The frame quality is good enough to get confident while running at high speed
  • Handle buttons are really very good to control speed while running
  • The belt size is sufficient for walking or running
  • Half folding & machine movement is easy but not for daily movement
  • Hydraulic unfolding really very cool feature.
  • Good space for water bottle/mobile


  • The display looks ok but its buttons are not good.
  • Display gets reset once machine stops.
  • Still trying to connect apps via Bluetooth
  • Speaker is ok type
  • Head is very large which is not required as you can see LCD display is small.
Opinion: Overall it’s a good treadmill because if you are looking for running only and display/Bluetooth/speaker these are secondary for you then this is for you. Also, warranty & customer support are really good. So you can consider as a best treadmill in India.

2. Cockatoo CTM-101 Stainless-Steel Manual Incline 2.5 HP – 5 HP Peak

best treadmill in india

Key Specification

  • Free Installation across India. Please call +91-95245-00088 to register for installation
  • Warranty details: 3 year motor warranty, 1 year parts warranty & lifetime frame warranty
  • 5 HP peak DC motor, Running surface: 420 x 1200 mm (16.5-Inch x 49.6-Inch)
  • Incline level: 3 Level Manual Incline, speed range: 0.8-14.8 km/hour, display: 5-inch LCD display
  • Max user weight: 120 kg, running 90 kg, walking 120 kg || steel crowns roller keep belt centered and running smoothly to reduce noise

250 global ratings (4.3/5)


  • Robust build
  • The best motor in the price segment (peaks at 5HP)
  • Not auto, but simple lubrication (lift the belt, spray left and right)
  • Manual incline to simulate outdoor running
  • Better warranty than most peers among DC motor machines
  • Quick buttons – very important for those who lose patience trying to go from 6kmph to 12kmph in increments of 0.1, pressing the button 60 times!
  • Excellent customer service. Extremely polite and driven to help the client.
  • Simple to install
  • At 70kgs (weighs more than me, haha) sturdy build, this one’s able to stay grounded even when I am pounding on it at 14kmph


  • Not a lot of marketing images available before you buy this one
  • Speakers aren’t great, but you did not buy this expecting a home theatre movie-watching experience from the speakers, but for working out haha
  • Super heavy when it arrives, you’d need assistance
Opinion: Overall, a good product for home use, slightly overweight people can also use it for walking but not for running. It’s weight limit is 90kg for running so if you want to run then don’t go for it. And if you want to walk then can do up to 120kg.

3. Cockatoo CTM-04 Series Home Use 1.5 HP – 2 HP Peak

Best treadmill in india

Key Specification

  • Active post-sales and customer support – On Call installation and service all across India. After Delivery please contact us on: [1800-572-6402/1800-572-6303]
  • Belt size: 48.03″ X 16.53″
  • Motor type: DC-Motorized  | Motor horsepower data : 1.75HP Continuous ( 3.25HP Peak)
  • Speed: 0.8-14 km/hr | Max Weight support: 110 Kilograms
  • Inclination type: Manual Incline | Inclination Level: 2
  • Live workout sessions from OneFitplus Studio & Earn Health coins
  • One year free subscription of Fitwarz – An immersive fitness game
  • Free Diet & Fitness Plan for 3 months along with 1 doctor consultation & personal video training session
  • Warranty details: 1 Year warranty on Motor and Manufacturing Defect,3 Year Warranty on Frame
  • In-box Content: 1 x Treadmill

729 global ratings (4.2/5)


  • Packaging was robust and always comes safe with a wooden box frame
  • Timely Delivery
  • 3 functions available like USB function, aux function and Massager function
  • Good for home use
  • Easy to install
  • Value for money
  • Light weight


  • Belt heating even after 10-15 minutes walking
  • Don’t expect much from speaker as that shouldn’t be a criteria to buy this.
Opinion: A good treadmill with massager. Multiple Speed. Ease to use and self install. In fact it saving space for Foldable running platform. Moreover a very portable machine that fits in your house without occupying much space.

4. Fitkit FT100 Series (3.25HP Peak) DC-Motorised best Indian Treadmill under 30k

Fitkit FT100 Series (3.25HP Peak)

Key Specification

  • Free Installation across India. for installation Please call +91-95245-00088 and register.
  • Belt size: Running Surface(LxB):1100 x 390 mm (43.3″ x 15.3″)
  • Motor type: DC-Motorised  | Motor horsepower data : 1.5 HP Continuous although 2 HP Peak
  • Speed: 0.8-14 km/hr | Max Weight support: 90 Kilograms
  • Inclination type: No Incline
  • Technical Feature like Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie, Pulse and Fat Measure
  • Other Feature: AUX input , Foldable & Moveable, Easy Installation
  • Display: 5″ LED Screen||Belt Thickness:1.4 mm
  • Warranty details: Warranty Details: 2 Year Motor Warranty as well as 1 Year Parts Warranty also LifeTime Frame Warranty
  • In-box Content: 1 x Treadmill

32 global ratings (4.6/5)


  • The speed is good enough for the purpose of heavy jagging
  • Noise level is minimum so annoying noise not disturb u
  • Provided that Heart rate Monitoring
  • It has wheels in order to moved it easily
  • Easy to install cause they provided that installation video guide.
  • A mobile app from FitPlus is also available to Monitor stats.
  • You can play music easily from Mobile as they provided USB
  • In addition you will get Dietician, Trainer and Doctor support in App


  • speaker sound is average which they provided
Opinion: This treadmill is simply good. I like the fit kit app as well. This treadmill is very easy to use. I feel this FitkitFt 100s is great for exercise daily and you can see your calorie burner as well as kilometers. One great thing is that you can play music using phone/USB.
You will also get a dilatation , trainer and Doctor in order to Consult with them when you need.
I recommend to buy this treadmill.

5. Cockatoo CTM-05 1.5 HP – 2HP Peak DC Motorized best Treadmill in India for Home

Cockatoo CTM-05 1.5 HP

Key Specification

  • 3 Years Motor Warranty, 1 Year Parts Warranty as well as Lifetime Frame Warranty
  • LED Screen; Console displays Time, Speed, Distance, Calories burnt, Pulse rate and also Fat Measure
  • Max User Weight 90 Kg, Speed 0.8-14 km/hr, Running Surface 1100 x 390 mm (43.3″ x 15.3″)
  • AUX input , Foldable & Moveable, Easy Installation
  • Display: 5″ LED Display||12 preset workout programs for effective workout, Changeable mode will help to plan structured exercise||Belt Thickness:1.4 mm

1,095 global ratings (4.3/5)


  • Very easy to install in order to most part of the machine comes pre-assembled
  • Easy to handle as well as easy to move within the house
  • Get Multiple health data such as speed, distance, calories burnt and pulse rate
  • The product is an excellent value for money item as it is vey hardy, best treadmill in India at affordable price


  • Starts shaking at speeds beyond 10
  • Slender width of running track makes the user to be always conscious of his position
  • Heart rate sensor works only when you place your hands on the side rail and walk which is not possible when we are jogging at speeds beyond 8
Opinion: It is a very cheap and affordable best treadmill in India for those who especially need a simple treadmill for home use. It is sized perfectly to fit into the room and doesn’t take up too much space. As well as very simple to use and has a helpful magnetic safety clip. The best part about this are it’s speakers that you can connect to you phone

You should consider these points before you decide to buy a best treadmill in India under 30000

Price range: How a lot would you prefer to spend?
Extras features : Contemplate program choices, Pulse rate monitor, and other additional options
Customers: How many individuals will use it, and the way typically?
House: How a lot room do you’ve got? Do you have to get a folding treadmill?
Utilization: How you’ll use it? Working locations extra stress on the machine than strolling and requires an extended belt for an extended stride.

Buying Guide and consider some must have specification before buy a best treadmill in India under 30000

Belt length: Belt Length should be at least 48 inch and width at lest 18 inch so that you can workout properly. And for long Hight person(over 6 ft) you need at least 52 to 54 inch long belt.
Motor power: If you are planning to walking and jogging then 2.5 HP is enough but if you want it for running then you need minimum of 3.5 HP(Peak) motor.
Consumer Weight : This is a very important factor you should have to consider. If your weight exceeds the maximum weight limit of treadmill than there will be a very high chance of burn the motor. You should always consider to buy a treadmill which maximum weight limit is more than +20 to 30kg of your weight. For example if your weight is 90kg then you should consider 110 to 120kg.
Speed : If you are planning to run then you should consider to buy a treadmill with at least 16kmph speed. But for walking and jogging 14kmph is more then enough.

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Top questions and answer about Treadmill (FAQ)

Question no. 1 : Is gymtrack treadmill made in China?

Solution Ans : No, Gymtrack Treadmill is made in Canada as this is a Canadian company. You can find company details here.

Question No. 2 : Which is best treadmill fitkit ft100 and RPM 2000?

Solution Ans : Both of this are giving same specifications and support. The only difference is in belt length FT100 running belt length is 44inch and RPM 2000 belt Length is 49inch. So, just find best deals on both of this and grab that one where you get best Price. But as my opinion go for Fitkit because It’s Customer support is best.

for Latest Price check below –

  1. Fitkit FT100
  2. RPM 2000

Question No. 3 : sparnod treadmill manufacturer service center?

If you want any service from sparnod they always provide onsite warranty. Just make a call on 9167405266 and tell your problem.

or if you have any other query just Visit here.

Question No. 4 : Where would I get the wrench to fix treadmill belt..or what is the option for it?

Almost all Treadmill need 2type of allen wrench to fix anything. 3/16″ and 7/32″

You can buy these from amazon. For buy from India click here and for US click here.

Question No. 5 : Why is Powermax treadmill vibration while walking on it?

May be your treadmill belt is too tight or too loose around the rollers. If the belt is not center align then also it will shake or vibrate. Do adjust your treadmill belt the hope your problem will solve.

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